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Mobile On Site Remedial Sports Massage for Birmingham
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£25 - 30 minute Deep tissue massage - Working on specific problem areas (Ongoing problems or acute injuries  )

£45 - 1 hour deep tissue massage -  Treating the whole body or just an intensive back massage.
Ideal to help correct posture , loosen tight pulling muscles .

Ideal for people who sit for pronlonged periods: Musicians, office workers , drivers.

£60  -  90 minute massage  - A longer session concentrating more on the whole body , incorporating Reflexology , stretching ,Thai massage. 
This massage really connects with mind and body from top to toe.


  • Look at strenghths and weaknesses to the area

  • Suitable exercises that will help regain strength and flexibility.

  • A series of hands on techniques using accupressure , stretching       
  • and deep tissue massage.

  • Heat or ice treatment as required to the condition

  • Kiniseo taping if required . 

  • Printed out rehabilitation  exercises to help you speed recovery  . 


    Table or floor based sessions available                                                                                          

    People indentify a sports massage, remedial massage with athletes, footballers and physical training, but a this kind of massage can be beneficial to everyone.   
                                   You don't need to be in involved in sport . 
    We are all active or sometimes inactive depending on our job, and a sports massage can be of great help to mobilise less active joints and breakdown adhesions in overworked muscles.

    An injury can be as simple as a strain , sprain or incorrect posture giving tightness to over worked muscle groups.

    How i like to work and correct an injury or on going niggle is to find the various weaknesses and limitations to an area and then using a variety of hand massage tecniques and tools to begin the breaking down process .  

    At the end of a session my goal is to reach a point of where you leave having newer range of movement , less pain and continued healing . 

    For most of us our working careers are very physical or office bound and vary in different periods of fatigue to muscles, strength in posture and compression to the joints over time.
    It is important to listen to your body at certain stages in your working career and act upon change. The most common saying is it will be ok? , until the next time. 
    The earlier we act when we feel discomfort the less time you are going to suffer in the long term. 
    Work related conditions are getting more and more common as stress in the work place leaves a heavier impact on the body through physical and mental overload.
    The common conditions such as persistent headaches, muscle ache, eye strain, lower back pain, sciatica and repetitive movements are well responsive to this treatment. 
    Understanding your lifestyle, career background I can gauge pressure, technique and connect with you better to re-balance mind and body.
    A review is carried out every week tracking your progress.