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Thank you for taking the time to look at my web site and thinking about yourself and wanting to make a difference.

My Goal is one thing, to help you, your body and mind. I have brought together over the years a combination of sports massage, stretches , accupressure,thai techniques and cupping. Understanding lifestyle changes past and present  can affect the way our body and mind functions, so lets do something about it .

We rush around so much, forgetting what exactly is going on inside. One of the biggest mistakes we make is not eating right or drinking enough water, so we never get off to that fired up start in the morning.

Over time our body begins to find it hard to keep removing fast foods that don't do us any good, so over time fatigue, weight gain and weaknesses start to show in all forms physically and mentally.

The body is a wonderful creation - Lets not let it suffer

I use a number of techniques and tools from sports massage to stretching, strengthening, core work and resistance. By understanding lifestyle issues, backgrounds, medical history and stress levels we can formulate a plan each week that will put you on the right track to being the best you and your body can be.

Pain in the body does not happen unless triggered. A balanced body and mind work in harmony together. We need to listen to ourselves, be aware of our levels of stress input and output and re-evaluate what we need to do to bring ourselves back to balance. 

Please call me for further information to see how I can help you.
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