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An Introduction to the World of Massage
About the Workshop

A day of fun and creativity learning one of the most used healing tools there is ....."Massage".

If you have little or no knowledge in the practical applications of massage this workshop is for you . The day is aimed at getting you comfortable with massage, and the most important thing, making the recipient and you feel good.





Anyone can learn massage if they really want to, and open their minds to exploring this truly magical talent that we all have.





What to expect on the evening

This is a 3 hour workshop that is targeted at friends, partners etc. Everyone will be able give and receive a massage throughout the day and will firstly watch demonstrations by myself showing exactly how to apply it.

These workshops are only open to 6 people . One to one couple workshops also available to get maximum teaching .

There will be plenty of time to ask questions as we go through the massage routines .There will be a 20 minute break for lunch .

A Manual and DVD will be given to you which we will work from and will be yours to keep to follow up after the course .

If you have questions please email me at [email protected] regarding booking and further information .


The course is intended only as a learning aid for private use only not for business or public use. This is a foundation workshop that will give you the basics that can be follwed through to a diploma course at college .


Testimonials of the workshop day  :

1st November 2009

"I really enjoyed the half day introduction to massage therapy. This was a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon and we were able to learn about, practice and experience a number of different massage techniques in a laid back, friendly environment - and received a handbook to take away with us. We were all beginners and so all in the same boat, more or less, and the afternoon was fun and a good laugh with the right balance of theory and practice. Sign me up for the Intermediate class!"

 See you again soon



 'My friends always thought I was a dab hand at massage, so when the opportunity came to learn it from a professional I jumped at the chance. The workshop was thorough. It was good to go through the handbook first and then watch Phil perform the techniques on his helper. Because there was only the few of us we did get plenty of personal attention. This way it was easy to approach Phil and ask for help or direction, and to check we were performing the techniques correctly. The overall atmosphere was nice and relaxed, which really I think comes from Phil's character, which is very warm. It was also great to be on the receiving end of some of the massages! Also the length of the session was good. The three hours whizzed by. I definitely learned a good few things which made me excited to practise them at home. My friends think I should go professional too!'



"I bought my husband a half day massage workshop for his Birthday in the hopes of us both learning how to help each other ease those niggling muscle aches which we had previously tackled with our amateurish attempts at massage. I have to say, we were more than impressed with the wealth of knowledge and new skills we came away with! We went in feeling a bit nervous but came out feelling confident and raring to go and practice all the new techniques we had learned. Phil's friendly manner, clear way of explaining things and encouragement to be creative, made the techniques easy to pick up and fun too. A few weeks down the line and we are always looking for opportunities to get the oils out and I see our enthiasm to use our new-found skills continuing for many years to come!

Thanks Phil,

Sarah Abbatt-Walker and David Walker" January 7th 2012



February 1st 2012

Hi Phil  

Thanks for last night it was awesome, felt fantastic this morning and Dougie and I both feel reinvigiorated.

Human beings exist by using our senses; like sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. For me, the least used sense was touch and after the Basics of Massage Workshop, this now seems ironic. There are over 600 skeletal muscles and over 200 bones in the human body and these are protected by the biggest organ in the human body, our skin. In the Basics of Massage Workshop I felt like I was introduced for the first time to my own skin, muscles and sense of touch. It was amazing.

My wife and I have been through some hugely stressful experiences in the last year, including health, bereavement and business challenges. And without being deeply aware of it, a lot of stress had built up in our bodies. The BoM Workshop heightened our awareness of this and showed us how to reduce it. The Workshop itself was fun, relaxed, informative and helpful. The Practitioners are experts, can answer any questions and best of all don?t simply tell you the answers but show you how to do things.

 I really enjoyed learning to massage my wife and being massaged by her; we have determined to make this a new regular practice. If your body feels better, then life feels better too. Thanks guys

It was brill Phil and I can't wait to try practicing it at the weekend with Cheryl. Thanks again



Hi Phil,

We had such a lovely time at the massage workshop you where really patient with us and we felt we learnt so much! It was really great to actually learn a new skill and have a nice time doing it.
We were not quite sure what to expect before we came and we did not know how it would work and were slightly worried that would we feel too self-concious to actually learn and apply your instructions.
However, we feel like we were almost immediately at ease and relaxed with you and really liked the teaching approach where we took it on turns.

Katie is on half term from friday and we have just got a woodburning stove and some cream coconut that we plan to warm in front of the fire and try out our effluages.

thank-you, you have changed our lives

love katie and jonny



from Christine and Martin
We have just been to a body massage workshop for couples and have decided to write a testimonial for Philip  ,why ? because it was fantastic .Having spotted the advert outlining a 3 hour course on how to develop a closer togetherness through massage we thought it would be a really nice experience ,,naturally there is a certain anxiety when you are dealing with people that you are not familiar with,this is a fairly intimate situation ,,well we took the plunge and went ,,,well cast aside all and any fears or worries ,no you wont all be naked together no it is not awkward and it will take you around 2 mins flat to realise that Phil and his other work colleagues are nothing more than respectfully professional and totally dedicated to what they do ,,,,,and they do it well ,we spent a great evening learning techniques movement pressures and pleasure,we came away feeling we had money well spent and had been rewarded with some very good professional training ,,, so if massage is youre pleasure and some guidance is required rest assured this is the course for you ,,,do it book it and enjoy ,,we did and Phil ,thank you great evening ,and fun all round ,,will probably see you soon for my dodgy shoulder all the best xxx

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